Section N: Planning Coordination

Section N

Planning Coordination

In order to minimize conflicts and optimize water resource utilization, it is essential that there is an appropriate level of coordination with local, State, and federal agencies and stakeholders. RWMG is responsible for the coordination efforts between these entities. Section N identifies public agencies representing the IRWM region and discusses their role in water management within the region. The existing agreements and coordination efforts taking place on a Water Planning Area level are listed in the table below.

Table N-1. Cooperative relationships and agreements that contribute to the IRWM planning process and structure.

Jurisdiction Cooperative Agreement
Surface Water • Tule River Association Organization Agreement

• Friant Water Authority JPA

• State Water Project Water Users JPA

• Tule River Improvement JPA

• TBID/DCTRA Land Use Agreement

• TBID/LTRID Water Exchange Agreement

• TBID/SID/LTRID Resources Exchange Agreement

• LTRID/City of Orange Cove Agreement

• LTRID/J.G. Boswell Co. Agreement

• LTRID/Pioneer Water Company Agreement

• County of Fresno/LTRID

• Pixley ID/LTRID/Angiola WD Cooperative Agreement for Groundwater

• LTRID/Vandalia ID Exchange Agreement

• USBR Water Management Plans

• AB 3616 Water Management Plans

• Success Reservoir Storage Agreement

Groundwater • DCTRA GWMP

• Tulare Lake Basin Coordinated GWMP

• City of Porterville Urban Water Conservation Plan

• City of Porterville Development Impact Policy

• County of Tulare General Plan

• Groundwater Model Elements

• Master Basin Model

Stormwater • County of Tulare Agreements and Facilities

• City of Porterville Agreements and Facilities

• County of Tulare and LTRID Agreements and Facilities

• Tulare County Flood Control District and LTRID

• Tulare County License for Pumping with USBR

• LTRID 404 Permit

• LTRID 1601 Permit

Water Quality • Tule Sub-watershed Water Quality Coalition

• Southern San Joaquin Valley Water Quality Coalition

• City of Porterville WDRs

• Strathmore P.U.D. WDRs

• Terra Bella Sewer Maintenance District WDRs

• Woodville P.U.D. WDRs/NPDES

• Poplar C.S.D. WDRs

• Tipton C.S.D. WDRs

• Pixley P.U.D. WDRs

• Woodville Farm Labor Camp WDRs

• County of Tulare Abandoned Well Program

Weather Information • DCTRA CIMIS Station Agreement
Endangered Species Recovery/Protection • Sierra-Los Tulares Land Trust Projects (Sequoia Riverlands Trust)

• DCTRA Recharge Ponds Site

Governance • Surface Water

• Multiple Water Management Agency Boards of Directors

• Multiple Water Management Agency Advisory Committees

• Multiple Water Management Agency Technical Committees

• Interbasin Water Management Coordinating Groups

– Kings-Tule

– Kaweah-Tule

– Tule-Tulare Lake

• Groundwater

• GWMP Stakeholder Committees

• DCTRA/City of Porterville Coordination Committee

• Groundwater Model Technical Committee

• Water Quality

• Steering Committee

• Technical Committee

• Legal Committee

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