Section K: Financing

Section K

Financing Strategies

Successful implementation of an IRWM Plan requires reliable funding for projects and programs intended to meet IRWMP objectives. This section identifies potential funding sources and assesses the certainty and longevity of these funding sources.

Program-level funding sources: All costs related to the preparation of this IRWMP have been funded by DCTRA. The RWMG may apply for IRWM planning grants to fund updates to the plan, however there is often uncertainty when relying solely on grant funding. Therefore, it is crucial to look for other forms of long term funding to sustain IRWM planning efforts. Ongoing implementation of the IRWM Plan relies upon RWMG members and stakeholders to provide in-kind support, financial support, and to obtain other revenue sources for the anticipated costs of plan implementation and ongoing activities of the RWMG.

Project Level Funding Sources: Project proponents are responsible for acquiring project-level funding. Because water management projects may have more than one project proponent or beneficiary, project costs are often shared between the project beneficiaries based on negotiations between the project advocates.

Due to the high number of disadvantaged communities within the IRWM planning area, the region has a limited ability to raise local revenue for projects and programs related to regional water management. Financing for these projects and programs is often reliant on State or Federal grant programs and loans. The grant and loan programs listed below are not exhaustive, as the availability of grant and loan programs can vary significantly from year to year. A complete list of State and Federal Funding Opportunities can be found in the links below:

Table K-1. State of California Funding Opportunities

Funding Source Funding Program
Proposition 1 IRWM 2018 Implementation Grant
Disadvantaged Community Involvement Program
CalConserve Water Use Efficiency Revolving Fund Loan Program
Agricultural Water Use Efficiency Grants Program
Sustainable Groundwater Planning Grant Program
Technical Assistance Funding Program
Water Recycling Funding Program
Proposition 84 Flood Corridor Program
FloodSAFE California
Local Levee Assistance Program
Flood Emergency Response Projects Grants Program
Urban Streams Restoration Program
Storm Water Grant Program
Proposition 50 Safe Drinking Water/Contaminant Removal
Other State Funding Water-Energy Grant Program
California Safe Drinking Water Bond Law of 1988
Agricultural Drainage Loan Program
Clean Water State Revolving Fund
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund
Drinking Water for Schools Grant Program
Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program

Table K-2. Federal Funding Opportunities

Funding Source Funding Program
EPA Source Reduction Assistance EPA
Wetlands Program Development Grants
Five Star Restoration Program
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development, Water and Waste Disposal Program
Resource Advisory Committees (RAC) Safe Rural Schools Funding
US Bureau of Reclamation WaterSMART Grant Program
US Fish and Wildlife Service North American Wetlands Conservation Act Grant
National Rural Water Association NRWA Revolving Loan Fund
Other Federal Funding Water Resources Development Act Other Federal Funding
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