Section F: Resource Management Strategies

Section F

Resource Management Strategies

This section discusses the Resource Management Strategies that were considered for incorporation into the IRWM Plan, as well as the process by which they were selected. Resource Management Strategies (RMS) are provided by the California Water Plan and are developed to help local agencies and governments manage their water resources.

RMS were reviewed and selected for incorporation into the IRWM Plan based on their applicability to the region, potential to address climate change impacts, and ability to meet at least one of the IRWMP objectives.


The following Resource Management Strategies were selected for the Tule River Basin Integrated Regional Water Management Plan:

  • Conserve, Enhance and Regenerate Riparian Habitats
  • Conserve and Restore Native Species and Related Habitats
  • Protect Water Resources that are critical to Native American Tribal Communities
  • Evaluate and Modify Water Diversion and Conveyance Infrastructure
  • Meet Applicable Regional Water Quality Control Board Basin Plan Objectives
  • Management of Recreational Activities to Minimize Impacts on Water Resources
  • Promote City, Community and Regional Storm Water Management Plans
  • Evaluate and promote strategies to reduce arsenic, nitrate, and perchlorate contamination to levels below maximum contaminant level
  • Increase Monitoring and Promote Research Programs to Better Understand the Effects of Climate Change on Ecosystems in the Region
  • Plan for Potential Regional Impacts of Climate Change on Water Quality and Quantity
  • Identify and Promote Strategies for Hydroelectric Generation Facilities
  • Protect and Improve Water Resources through Land Use Practices
  • Optimize Efficient Use, Conservation and Recycling of Water Resources
  • Increase Knowledge Regarding Groundwater Related Conditions and Establish Groundwater Management Practices
  • Reduce Impacts and Optimize Benefits from Assisting Other Drought-Related Areas with Basin-to Basin Transfers of water
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