Section E: Goals & Objectives

Section E

Goals and Objectives

Section E identifies the Tule River Basin IRWM Plan’s Vision, Goals, and Objectives. The purpose of this section is to establish the intent of the IRWMP, and to demonstrate which regional water management issues the IRWMP is designed to address. The IRWMP goals and objectives provide a basis for decision making and are used to evaluate project benefits of IRWMP Projects and Programs. The goals and objectives were formulated based on the feedback and input from the Regional Water Management Group (RWMG), the Deer Creek and Tule River Authority (DCTRA), and other Interested Stakeholders. Stakeholder Advisory Group meetings allowed key stakeholders to identify key issues that led to the development of the IRWMP goals and objectives, which are summarized in the figure below. The goals and objectives:

  • Focus the IRWM Plan
  • Provide a basis for determining the most appropriate resource management strategies for the Region
  • Are used to evaluate project benefits
  • Guide development and implementation of IRWM project/program

The goals and objectives aim to help achieve the vision of the IRWM, which is to sustain agricultural, urban, ecological viability through effective water management.

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