Section B: Governance / Involvement / Outreach

Section B

Governance, Stakeholder Involvement and Outreach

Section B outlines the Tule River Basin Region governance structure and the stakeholder involvement and outreach process. The governance structure serves to define the processes, structures, and organizational traditions that determine how power is exercised, how stakeholders are involved in the IRWM Plan development, how decisions are made, and how the IRWM Plan is updated over time. The IRWM program governance structure is summarized in the figure below. The governance structure of this IRWMP initially resided with the Board of Directors of the Deer Creek and Tule River Authority (DCTRA). The DCTRA is a joint powers authority that coordinates the management of water resources available to the Tule River Basin, including groundwater resources, droughts, and flood and storm water control. The Stakeholder Advisory Group, which is comprised of various stakeholders and representatives of disadvantaged community areas and urban purveyors, plays a significant role throughout the formation of the IRWM plan. This section also covers long-term implementation of the IRWM Plan, and continuous outreach to disadvantaged communities and tribal communities.

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